Navn Rolle
Nicolas Bro Vernon Dursley
Søs Egelind Marge Dursley
Lotte Andersen Petunia Dursley
Claes Bang James Potter
Anette Støvelbæk Lily Potter
Steen Rasmussen Ted
Robert Hansen Stan Stabejs
Preben Harris Ernie Kabang
Lars Brygmann Sirius Black
Jimmy Jørgensen Tom
Kurt Ravn Cornelius Fudge
Mette Horn Molly Weasley
Martin Buch Arthur Weasley
Anders W. Berthelsen Remus Lupus
Jess Ingerslev Filius Flitwick
Baard Owe Argus Filch
Jesper Christensen Albus Dumbledore
Mads Mikkelsen Severus Snape
Birthe Neumann Minerva McGonagall
Thomas Eje Rubeus Hagrid
Anne Louise Hassing Septima Vector
Kia Liv Fischer Den Fede Dame
Søren Rislund Sir Cadogan
Trine Dyrholm Sybill Trelawney
Søren Hauch-Fausbøll Peeves
Paprika Steen Madam Rosmerta
Dejan Cukic Walden Macnair
Ole Thestrup Peter Pettigrew


Navn Stilling
Bent Fabricius-Bjerre Komponist

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